There are icons for everything we can imagine. Sharon created an identity for herself that became an icon that would also portray who she is, a designer that can beat the odds, puts on her helmet, her thinking cap and gets to work. Being adventurous and a good sport at whatever is put in front of her. Making the most of a project and seeing it to the end. And most of all, something that will wow the client. Its an unexpected solution to the challenge that was before them. And creating a design that can continue to grow into even bigger things. Adding an element of surprise and excitement to a subject that might otherwise be a not-so-interesting subject.

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    Sharon created a business card with her new identity, hoping to say “Letʼs think outside-the-box. Letʼs not be like everyone else”. Explore the unknown. Dig deeper for a greater outcome. Smashing creative as we know it.

  • Shattered Glass