Philanthropy is a big part of what makes a hospital successful each year. Texas Health Foundation holds events to inspire donors to give money to advance technology and research and to help families in need at Texas Health. Sharon's job was to make the event look like a fun way to celebrate giving. Faith in our Future, an event held at the Dallas Biblical Museum of Art, was one of many events she had the privilege of designing the invitation for.

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  • Texas Health is a non-profit, faith-based healthcare system. But in creating marketing materials for them, we were instructed not to use graphics with religious suggestion in their efforts to move away from the names Presbyterian and Methodist which are still used in a few of the hospital names today. Sharon created a sun mosaic graphic to use as a spiritual resemblance in a non-religious way. At the same time, a mosaic gives it an artistic flair as well. She created the mosaic and the tile borders in Photoshop. The museum provided photos for us to use.

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  • And the Take Home: small pieces of art, fused glass magnets. Sharon commissioned a glass artist to make these using stained glass that matched the Texas Health branding colors. The magnets were nestled in a goody bag given to donors upon leaving. A big Thank You for their generous gift from the heart and a reminder of a great time celebrating another year of giving to go on their refrigerators.

    Glass Magnets